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No Tx on Wsit-X

Installed Wsit-X on windows 10, it only transmits when I press tune, However, It is not transmitting even when I press Enable Tx or Tx Next or both.
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Can WSPR really track commercial aircraft? Has the veracity of this proposed technique been convincingly demonstrated?

60 Minutes Australia's recent video FINDING MH370: New breakthrough could finally solve missing flight mystery describe's research by Richard Godfrey which is said to be able to track the trajectory ...
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If WSPR can go further than FT8, why do I only see local WSPR signals?

I've been scanning through the bands using WSJT-X to pick up FT8 and WSPR. Using a VHF discone, I decode messages from nearly 10,000 km away, consistently, when listening for FT8. But when switching ...
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What kind of antenna for an automatic high bands monitoring station?

I would like to monitor NCDXF beacons, and WSPR. What kind of antenna would be good for reception in the bands of 6, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20M? Some antennas I considered: A trapped dipole, with traps ...
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Output impedance of TAPR QRPi?

I'm a newly licensed amateur and have decided to start out by trying WSPR on a Raspberry Pi equipped with TAPR's 20m QRPi. The QRPi write-ups I've read always talk about long wire antennas but I'd ...
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Long range communication with just 1W of power?

Is it possible, and how can I setup communication between stations 1000km apart from each other by using just 1W of transmission power? By communication, I mean: It can be text based It can be very ...
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HF/VHF antenna for high altitude balloon

I'm working on the design of a dual band transmitter for use on a high altitude balloon. I'll be transmitting on 2 meters and 20 meters (APRS and WSPR) with about 50 mW. To keep the weight to an ...
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WSPR RX dial frequency

I tried but failed to decode WSPR using Tecsun PL-600 receiver that tunes in 1KHz step. I heard tones with good SNR but cannot be decoded. So, I mis-set it somewhere. Is it correct that transmission ...
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