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What does R5m mean in an APRS entry for a WinLink gateway?

If you look at an APRS description for a WinLink gateway, you'll see something like "144.950MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway". I know that means it's a 1200 baud packet station serving as a ...
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0 answers

Improving Vara HF speeds

I'm using Winlink with a laptop hooked up to an IC-7300. The registered version of Vara theoretically supports speeds up to 8,500 bps, but I'm seeing speeds more like 700 bpm. Is there anything I can ...
1 vote
1 answer

Vara FM winlink with Kenwood D710g and DRA-50

I'm trying to get this working for the first time on a vhf/uhf radio. PTT is working and it seems to be transmitting, but neither I nor the program can hear any response. I' ve tuned the radio to the ...