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Max voltage on antenna pin of Si4732?

I'd like to drive the antenna pin(s) of an Si4732 receiver chip with a device that isn't an antenna. I don't know what voltage to scale to, though, and don't want to fry the chip. The datasheet (or, ...
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How low can a VCO step up and down frequencies?

So I am a hobbyist and I have in mind, a project I am working on and I need to sweep in a frequency range of 500 MHz with a step of 500Hz, and if my calculation is correct, this is equal to 1000000 ...
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Attaching a bulb to amplified coax cable will it light?

I am IT person not Ham operator and I guess it is difficult for you to understand me and my different thinking so this is a very simple question that will probably answer the dilemma at Coaxial cable ...
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Why measuring Voltage and Current becomes difficult at Microwave frequencies? Why measure Power?

I have been reading some Classic books viz. Techniques of Microwave Measurements - Carol Montgomery, Foundations of Microwave Engineering - Collins, and some other google searches and they all claim ...
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Max allowable voltage for S-Pixie transceiver

I recently bought a S-Pixie transceiver kit from Amazon (more or less the same 40m kit that's been replicated on grand scale & sold for under $15). I've seen its voltage requirements widely quoted ...
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How do you calculate peak voltage given VSWR caused by impedance mismatch in a 50-ohm system?

I would like to choose a feedline that is safe for the wattage at a given VSWR to avoid coax arcing. How do you calculate peak voltage given a peak power in watts and maximum expected VSWR from ...
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Crystal Oscillator Output Impedance and Output Voltage

I am working on a project designing a 40 MHz radio transmitter, but I need some clarifications. I need to know how to calculate its output impedance. I know how to calculate common collector's output ...
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Power supply for shortwave portables

I have the Tecsun PL-310ET and PL-660 SW portables which are spec’d for 5V and 6V power sources respectively. Would it damage them if I tried to power them with a 9V Bioenno battery (actual steady ...
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How is working on DC high voltages as in a tube radio different from 120VAC?

Suppose that I am familiar with the safety procedures for working on 20 A 120 VAC 60 Hz household lines. What should I be prepared for before working on high voltage DC circuits (say, 800 volts) as ...
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Voltage wave in transmission lines

The solution for the voltage in a transmission line can be written as: $$V(z) = V_o^+ e^{-jkz} + V_o^- e^{jkz}$$ The voltage $V(z)$ is the difference between the conductors of the line at a certain ...
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2 answers

Determining whether signal meets the 12 dB SINAD voltage

The specification for a certain radio receiver says: Typically 12dB SINAD NBFM for 0.15uV at 145MHz. If I understand correctly, this means that the received radio wave should have a voltage level of ...
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How much voltage is on a typical high power (1000mw) 2.4Ghz WiFi antenna?

According to this sales listing for a 2.4Ghz antenna, it can handle up to 20 watts of power but has an impedance of 50 ohms. That means that (at 20 watts), the input would need to be at more than 50 ...
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Measuring RF voltages with a multimeter

Is it possible to measure RF voltages with a multimeter? I have a multimeter which can measure AC voltages up to 600V RMS, but I'm not sure because I don't know if it assumes the signal to be 50Hz, or ...
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Is there a digital multimeter that is more interesting for a ham than a run-of-the-mill model? [closed]

My 22-years old Fluke 79 died on me today... Luckily, it was a quiet dead, but nonetheless it left me a bit emotional... So, I am in urgent need of a replacement digital multimeter. This made me ...
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How to calculate the peak-to-peak voltage of a sine wave given RMS voltage

How do I calculate the peak-to-peak voltage of a sine wave given RMS voltage?
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