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Very High Frequency is the frequency range 30-300 MHz.

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10 answers

What antenna on a BaoFeng UV-5R Pro will give me better reception? [closed]

I am happy with my BaoFeng UV-5R Pro but the local UHV VHF repeater and simplex reception is terrible, even for contacts less than 50 kilometers. I assume that it's because the rubber-ducky antenna on ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Height and feedline loss tradeoff for VHF

Currently my 2m antenna is about 3m above the ground inside, my HF antenna is connected to 30m (2db loss) coax and is about 12m up. Since the loss for 2m is a lot more when traveling down such a long ...
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What's wrong with 220MHz?

It seems like 220MHz is the bastard step-child of the amateur world. Every HT is either 2m or 2m/70cm. Some companies offer tri-banders, but they almost always add 6m (?!), not 220MHz. The only way ...
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2 answers

Why do satellites receive and transmit on different bands?

Most satellites I've found transmit on VHF and receive on UHF or vice versa. Why is this? I would think there's enough space on a single band.
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4 answers

2m or 70cm FM mobile radio for digital mode operation

Are there any 2m and/or 440cm FM mobile radios that have audio inputs for supporting digital modes, like PSK31 or SSTV? I have a Rigblaster that I use with my HF radio so I could get a mike cable and ...
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6 votes
1 answer

FM radio in car gets interference from APRS beacon

The FM broadcast radio, factory installed in my car and usually tuned to 88.6 MHz, gets some interference from the 5W APRS transmitter on 144.800 MHz. It sounds like if the sensitivity of the ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How to improve VHF/UHF Baofeng UV-82 HT reception in vehicle

I have a Baofeng UV-82 dual-band (2m/70cm) HT with an SMA male connector for the stock "rubber-ducky" antenna. I would like to use it in my vehicle. I would like a high-quality magnetic mount dual-...
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11 answers

What's a cost-effective way to boost the range of my cheap 2m/70cm handheld?

I'm a very casual/beginner level ham and as such have mostly avoided committing too much in the way of financial resources - I have a UV-5R for a personal radio, anything else I do I've used others' ...
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