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Very High Frequency is the frequency range 30-300 MHz.

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Optimizing Half-Duplex Sequencing: Consolidating RF and Power Connections with Bias-T and VOX

I've successfully implemented a half-duplex sequencing mechanism, which I've illustrated below. The outdoor components are represented in green. In my current setup, I utilize a PLC to control both an ...
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Biconical antennas - bandwidth and installation

I am posting this question (and its related question) here because of the unique expertise that Ham Radio Operators have as it relates to antennas. I'm a newish Ham and really appreciate your help ...
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TYT TH-350 unlocking to receive 160-161 MHz in the USA

Recently purchased the TYT TH-350 because it is triband. My version allows for TX/RX 144-148/222-225/420-450. Every other HT I own allows for extended receive only. The TH-350 has a European version ...
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Design of an LNA housing box for a UHF/VHF satellite ground station

I'm currently designing a waterproof metallic case to house LNAs, power cables, and RF switches for a UHF/VHF satellite ground station. As shown in the diagram below, the antennas are connected to an ...
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Extremely strong QRM on VHF?

I don't usually operate in 2 m, save for FM satellites. I usually go to a nearby park when I do this, for better view of the horizon. But I tried working them from home for the past couple of days, ...
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