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Questions specific to rules, regulations, and practices in the United States of America.

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Are there any stations other than W1AW that fall under 47 CFR 97.113(a)(3)(iv)?

47 CFR 97.113(a)(3) normally prohibits amateurs from transmitting [c]ommunications in which the station licensee or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an ...
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What are the unintentional radiation limits in U.S. HF bands?

What are the radiation limits in U.S. HF bands in terms, not in terms of uV/M, but in dBm or uV levels transmitted though an HF dipole antenna? I assume that if the antenna is connected to a receiver ...
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Circular polarization

I'm installing my first beam antenna. I have 2 connection points, one for vertical and 1 for horizontal. So far. I have not found a lot of information which would be better. To run them separately or ...
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