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Ultra High Frequency is the frequency range 300-3000 MHz.

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4 answers

Where are the baluns for VHF and higher? How can one be made?

In another question, commenters recommended that I look into adding a 1:1 balun to a dual-band dipole to eliminate the feedline as a radiator. As I understand it, a 1:1 balun also functions as a choke,...
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On which of these frequencies can I transmit without a license?

I have a Baofeng UV-5RA, and I need to know what frequencies on the "channel mode" (what the lady says when you press the "V/M" button on the radio) don't require a ham license. I am in Philadelphia, ...
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20 votes
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What antenna on a BaoFeng UV-5R Pro will give me better reception? [closed]

I am happy with my BaoFeng UV-5R Pro but the local UHV VHF repeater and simplex reception is terrible, even for contacts less than 50 kilometers. I assume that it's because the rubber-ducky antenna on ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Direction finding: How to find a stuck FM transmitter on 70cm?

There's a blank carrier on a 433 MHz FM voice frequency here. How should we go on about finding the transmitter's location? Practical procedure? Could be somewhere downtown.
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How does VHF/UHF propagate beyond the expected (radio) horizon?

I am not asking about the fairly well-known effect of the earth "appearing less curved to radio waves" that are otherwise still essentially line-of-sight, but a deeper arcanum: In the ARRL Antenna ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Moon->Earth 433MHz link achievable digital bandwidth

Let's assume we have the following situation: Transmitter on moon orbit (distance from earth ~400'000km), around 433Mhz. Transmitter power 1W, antenna gain 10dB, circular polarization. Steered to ...
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1 answer

Hardened UHF Antennas

Minuteman missile silos used an interesting hardened UHF antenna. What kind of antenna is this? Does anyone have a drawing with a cross section? Edit: Jay Moore added a picture to a different type of ...
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9 votes
4 answers

2m or 70cm FM mobile radio for digital mode operation

Are there any 2m and/or 440cm FM mobile radios that have audio inputs for supporting digital modes, like PSK31 or SSTV? I have a Rigblaster that I use with my HF radio so I could get a mike cable and ...
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5 answers

Can 433 MHz amateur bands be used for ISM purposes?

From this poster,, it indicates that a band around 433 MHz is globally-accepted for use as an amateur band. Can this same band be used for ...
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6 votes
3 answers

2.4 GHz Antenna for RC copter

What is the best omni-directional antenna design for any RC flying objects? Many times I've lost signal and my copter falls due to lost signal. (Using default antenna). Since the receiver and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How does the antenna noise temperature vary with antenna elevation?

I'm using a 14 element cross Yagi antenna in my system. For my link budget calculations, what antenna noise temperature should I consider? How does this vary with elevation?
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3 votes
2 answers

Licensing a group of BaoFeng BF-888s in the UK

I've purchased a couple of BaoFeng BF-888S's for personal use with friends. I've been told these radios can't be used legally without a licence and given the usage, I doubt I could faithfully even ...
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Why is VHF better than UHF in this situation?

One of the sample questions for the British foundation level test is: An amateur has the choice of VHF or UHF for a particular contact of some 25km. Which statement below best describes his choice? ...
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Biconical antennas - bandwidth and installation

I am posting this question (and its related question) here because of the unique expertise that Ham Radio Operators have as it relates to antennas. I'm a newish Ham and really appreciate your help ...
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What would be the easiest and most cost effective ground system for a startup UHF/VHF station

I just passed both my Technician and General Class license this past weekend, and am now contemplating my first station. To get my feet wet I'm planning on getting a Yaesu FT-7900R Dual band Radio ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Repeating UHF Handheld via UHF vehicle transceiver

I have recently taken on programming radios for my workplace in Chicago, IL. We have an old base station (Kenwood TK863G-1) that I wanted to know if it would be possible to use as a repeater similar ...
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Double Cross Dipole antenna for 437 MHz don't tune

I'm building a Double Cross Dipole antenna for 437 MHz to be used with a SDR receiver for CW cubesat. The idea is to follow this "classic" paper from Gerald Martes, KD6JDJ. I tuned every single dipole ...
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Repeater for 1/4 square mile campus

I am a noob to a lot of amateur radio and I am investigating and planning a repeater setup to be installed in my workplace. We are on a hospital campus in Chicago, IL and have many tall buildings ...
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GMRS not transmitting within a half mile

I recently got my GMRS license from the FCC, and I wanted to try out a couple radios for hiking and emergency communication. I have two tenway UV-5R pro radios (these do have an FCC ID) that are set ...
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