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Questions tagged [transverter]

Transverters, upconverters, and downconverters.

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3 answers

Increase transmit and receive frequency of handheld transceiver

I'm new to the world of ham radio so this might be obvoius, but I have a Baofeng UV-82 which can transmit and receive up to 520MHz. I need to be able to transmit and receive on frequencies up to 1GHz. ...
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LA1185 FM downconverter shows weird behavior

I've built FM CCIR/OIRT downconverter based on Sanyo LA1185 IC. I've used most famous schematics for it with slight modification (added DC blocking capacitor 1 nF rated on the output) Coils L1 and L2 ...
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What circuit to use to multiply 434 MHz by two?

I wanted to make an experimental simple 1296 MHz transmitter to have fun with my sdr dongle. But after hours of googling I realised that there is no such thing as "simple 1296 MHz transmitter". Even ...
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IQ imbalance after quadrature mixing

What is IQ imbalance in the output of complex or quadrature downconverter/demodulator/mixer? What are the causes and effects of IQ imbalance? (A spike in the spectrum display of RF noise?) Are there ...
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RX antenna and RTL SDR with upconverter ..How to hear something?

I mounted a small RX antenna (mini whip, bought from eBay) (on 10-th floor) and I want to try to listen to something. I bought a RTL-SDR with Upconverter which supports HF. RX antenna's operating ...
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RTL-SDR with SpyVerter - setup

I need some assistance in setting up a RTL-SDR with a SpyVerter upconverter, using SDRSharp. I have been using the RTL-SDR on its own with success. However, when I connect the SpyVerter (the side ...
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Transverter common versus split-if connections

I have a radio (Flex-1500) that has low level transverter outputs. They can be configured as either a common or split-if. I also have a DEMI transverter that can easily be wired up for common or ...
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