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How to convert device with Monopole antenna to Directional/Dipole antenna?

I'm trying to increase the transmission range of a stationary wireless microphone toward its receiver by connecting a yagi antenna. Aside from the antenna sticking out of the top, I don't know where ...
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LimeSDR Mini + Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Transmission problem

I am new at this. I would like to transmit an audio signal cleanly using WBFM but I see two signal peaks occur around my fundamental frequency when I start transmitting. In this case I am using a ...
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Problems with the Droitwich transmitter

Does anybody know what is up with the BBC transmitter at Droitwich in the UK, specifically the Radio 4 Longwave broadcast on 198kHz? It's been reporting intermittent faults for a while, and was off ...
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Is it beneficial to boost the transmit power from a transmitter past 2W around 2.4GHz?

I have a ready-made transmitter that outputs 2W of RF power at 2.4GHz carrier frequency (I'm trying to transmit TV using DVB-S2) into the antenna, and I was wondering if it made sense to add a power ...
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Parasitic inductance of relay contacts

I need to switch a bank of filters operating on bands from about 2MHz to 30MHz. The parasitic series inductance of the relay contact system will have an effect on the performance of my system. ...
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2GFSK 9600bps Transmitter and amplifier for 433 MHz

I'm looking for a reliable, however cheap solution for ground-space communication. I need at least 50W of transmitted power with 2GFSK modulation at 70cm band (433 MHz). Transmission will be done ...
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Range of superheterodyne transmitters with low IF

As I understand it, the last mixer stage in a superheterodyne transmitter outputs the desired signal, an image of the signal, and the LO frequency. But a non-tunable RF filter is usually responsable ...
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Construction details for an HF Transceiver output power splitter

I have a requirement to feed two HF power amplifiers with one HF radio transceiver, maximum input power is about 400 W, is it possible for someone to post an answer with schematic and construction ...
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