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Route cables on the inside of the tower?

I was visiting a customer site who had their equipment fried by lightning and granted they forgot to install surge protection, so that's most likely what did it, however I also noticed they had the ...
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What's the proper way to mount antenna mast to the side of a house?

I'd like to mount an antenna mast to the gable end of my house. I was planning for the mast to extend from ~10 feet above the roofline down to the ground. I've seen wall mounts specifically for masts, ...
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Power, Tower, and connection [closed]

Ok so lets say we have communications tower number 1 and comms tower number 2, if one were to get wiped out by a power surge, could the other sustain connection to the area?
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Is a 1/4 wave vertical actually better than inverted L on 160m?

Surprisingly, I am unable to find much info comparing these two antennas. Essentially, they are the same except the one is shorter and top loaded with one wire. Does anyone have any performance data ...
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Buying used tower

I'm thinking about buying a 70' self supporting tower that I can see had a little rust here and there. Besides minor rust is there anything I should ask the seller before I buy?
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What to use to build a tower here in the Philippines?

I live in the middle of the Philippines. As soon as possible, financially, I want to put up the best antennas I can build. This includes, mostly, beams for all amateur bands, including, at least, ...
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What might this tower be used for?

This tower is located on the campus of my wife's employer. She's asked around but no one seems to know the purpose of it. Does anyone have any idea what this may be used for? Edited to add ...
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