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Audio Interface wiring diagram of Yaesu FT-65 TNC cable

I want to imitate this cable, but I don't know-how. Yaesu FT-65 TNC cable. Is it need to series a resistor inside of those?
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Connecting Mobilinkd TNC2 to Mac for Xastir

I am not sure what to put in the TNC Port window on Xastir if I'm using a Mobilinkd TNC2. Xastir has directions for just this however, it is for Ubuntu Linux.
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How do I write a modem for DireWolf?

I was looking at the selection of modem bauds for DireWolf and it seems the highest baud modem is 9600 baud, and I am using a sound card that can reach 48 khz. Is there any way that I can write a ...
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How to connect female reversed with female normal TNC

I would like to ask how can I connect device, which have female reversed TNC connector with antenna which have female normal TNC. Could somebody help me?
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What is this connector?

It is the size of a BNC but has threads. For an RF output. I need to adapt it to SO-239. ---------------------------------------------- Tip o' The Hat to Glenn and Scott. TNC it is. This cable ...
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Linux APRS client

I have an old PK-232 packet TNC which is spitting out APRS data from 144.390 to the serial port. I have confirmed this with minicom and see all sorts of data with lat long etc. I would like to view ...
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