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Transmission of measured information from an automated station.

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Selecting antenna for rocket telemetry system

I'm currently in a rocket team and we are building a rocket that can reach 3000m (10.000 feet). I am responsible to find an antenna for the telemetry system. I was searching on the net to find the ...
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Required receiver for HX-1 (144.390 MHz) & NEO-6M GPS Module?

Context I'm launching a series of weather balloons as a capstone graduation project. Right now I am in the process of building the payload. I have been going over the different components of the ...
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Is it possible to have multiple people talking on the same radio channel at the same time?

I understand that my question is not desireable for ham radio communication at all, but bear with me. I want to use long range walkie talkies whose microphone is attached to an underground acoustic ...
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Can I monitor a refrigerator using ham radio?

I am considering the ramifications of monitoring my refrigerator conditions using ham radio. Can the radio on the refrigerator be under automatic control using my call sign so that I do not need to ...
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I would like to listen to a red roadster in space

I have been listening for signals (any) of the Space-X Falcon Heavy. Just out of curiosity. And I am wondering if anyone has received any. According to the Falcon-9 User Guide table 4.6 looks like ...
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What rules govern robotic teleoperations, when the remote device also transmits back telemetric information?

I was looking through the FCC part 97 rules for robotic teleoperation, and it cites a one-watt figure for "model craft". However, it also allows higher power transmissions for remotely operated ...
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