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How is the IF for a superhet selected?

There seem to be almost as many choices for the intermediate frequency (IF) as there are superheterodyne receivers and transceivers out there. The ones I have come across are 455 kHz, 452 kHz, 1.6 MHz ...
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3 answers

What is a "direct sampling superheterodyne" receiver?

Browsing the specifications for the IC-7300, I noticed it says the receiver system is a "Direct Sampling Superheterodyne" with an IF of 36 kHz. I was confused by this, since I thought "...
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3 votes
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What causes an AF amplifier to make popping sounds in a superheterodyne receiver?

Recently I've made a simple single IF superheterodyne SSB receiver for 40 meter band. The schematic is available here [PDF]. VFO and BFO are based on Si5351, the AF amplifier is LM386. It works OK but ...
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