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Questions tagged [software-development]

Questions related to writing software (programming) for Amateur Radio purposes.

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Sending custom EWS over DAB+ with a HackRF One

Disclaimer: I'm aware of legal issues regarding EWS! Rest assured that there is no need for concern as this is a small-scale, proof of concept done in a controlled enviroment! Greetings! I'm trying to ...
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2GFSK digital filter bandwidth calculation

I'm working on a S2LP from ST and I am configuring the RX digital filter. I need to calculate the bandwidth of the signal which has 2GFSK modulation. Do you think the code below is correct for ...
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Looking for a formula used by VE6YP trap calculator

I wonder whether the source code of VE6YP (Tony Field) coaxtrap design program (link 1, link 2) was ever published or described. As a Mac user I'm having little difficulties using this software and I ...
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Keysight ADS User-Defined Models to AWR/Virtuoso

everyone! In ADS Keysight it is possible to create an item model - the so-called User-Defined Model. This is C++ code that describes the Y-matrix of the component. Is there the same possibility in AWR ...
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