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Simplex refers to the transmission and reception on the same frequency, or using a single carrier (such as a cable). Also consider the line-of-sight tag.

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2m FM: where do I actually QSY to after establishing contact on 145.500?

I am new to amateur VHF, coming from HF and marine. Online advice says after establishing contact on 145.500 then QSY. What is the range of channels/frequencies most folks use? ie that they are ...
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Calling a friend on simplex

Can someone please help clarify. I have tried searching all over, but almost all of the examples you find online and in books are for calling CQ on HF. I am new to ham radio, and recently got a few of ...
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2 votes
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APRS - using 100 Hz CTCSS for voice contacts

I've learned online some very thin information about how many hams will use 100 Hz CTCSS tones on their APRS transceivers to be able to make voice contacts with hams who are also using APRS. I've ...
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Is the National Calling Frequency actually used?

I know that the national calling frequency is 146.520. Everywhere I go, it does not give a DUP or TSQ. I am not trying to be or, ask a crazy question but is there or not.
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Choosing simplex frequency as a technician

My brother and I just got our technician class license. We live close enough to each other that we can use simplex on 2 meters or 440. How do we go about choosing the best frequency to use?
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Estimate Path Loss

I am wanting to setup a simplex path that is 7KM from base to base in relatively flat ground. How can I estimate the path loss, and what do the numbers mean when I find them? I am wanting to do it ...
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Practical antenna for 2m line-of-sight over 7 km [closed]

I live 7.8 kilometers birds eye view from my friends house. We are in Denver, so there may be a bit of terrain but should be relatively flat. There are a few trees, and houses and maybe a few ...
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Uni-Directional Simplex repeater?

I understand the reason repeaters can't operate simplex transmitting and receiving at the same time is because they will pick up their own signal. Lets say two people are on different sides of a ...
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