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Questions tagged [short-antenna]

Use this tag for questions relating to the design, manufacture, theory and use of electrically short antennas. Electrically short antennas are commonly those that have a physical radiating element dimension of 1/10 of a wavelength or less.

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2 answers

How to determine the best length for a short dipole antenna

If I were to design a dipole antenna that's significantly shorter than usual for the frequency, how can I determine the best length to use? In other words, given a frequency and a maximum length (...
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Do Loading Coils Supply "Missing Degrees" to Electrically Short Radiators?

References are made on this and other websites to the effect that loading coils can/will supply "missing degrees" to electrically short radiators. But do they?
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Corrugated Metallic Roof used as a ground-plane for short loaded vertical?

My house has a corrugated metallic roof. 2500 sq. ft. The roof is grounded via couple cables. What's your comment on using the roof as the ground for a short center-loaded vertical 80M antenna? ...
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Does increasing the number of turns on a loop antenna decrease frequency operation?

Lets say I want to make a VLF loop antenna for a Sub AM radio band. I don't want a full wavelength because that would be a humongous antenna. Would I wind more turns of wire to decrease the frequency ...
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