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Super High Frequency is the frequency range 3-30 GHz.

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Optical line of sight over long distances?

Is there a way to use radio to restrict communication to optical line of site at distances greater than 10 miles? For example, the signal is transmitted directionally from a mountain top fire lookout, ...
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Relation between beamwidth and operating frequency

Radars operating in the X-band have a narrow beamwidth. Radars operating in the S and C bands have a bit more beamwidth than X band radars. I know that antenna size also plays a major role. My doubt ...
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How to test Line-of-Sight radio at 5GHz at range 25Km or less?

I'm thinking of buying PowerBeam ac. It's a wireless device to connect two computer networks that are about 25 kilometers apart. But it depended on line-of-sight they say. So is there a cheap way to ...
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What are the rules for proper use of the 5.8G (5cm) band?

I see several products that operate in the 5.8 GHz range that specifically mention a Ham license is required for their use. For example, the page for this video transmitter specifically mentions ...
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What's the unlicensed power limit for 5.8 GHz (5 cm) transmissions?

5.8 GHz NTSC video transmitters are popular for FPV (first person view) model aircraft flying. However, because the 5.8 GHz band (5725 to 5875 MHz) is also available for ISM (unlicensed) use, it's not ...
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Is the 3-cm band serviced by any commercial main-stream ham radio transceiver?

Wikipedia writes to say The Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union allow amateur radio operations in the frequency range 10.000 to 10.500 GHz, and amateur satellite ...
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