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How to increase the range of the spectrum analyzer in SDRSharp?

I'm trying to visualize the frequency band utilization during a GSM phone call using SDR. Ideally, I would like to plot the whole 900 MHz range, i.e. 876-959 MHz. However, even setting the zoom to the ...
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Why does SDR# sound better than SDR console?

This is kind of odd. I just got my first SDR receiver and I noticed that one application (SDR#) sounds a lot better than another (SDR Console) when listening to stereo FM broadcasts through the same ...
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Could not observe the Meteor M2 even though I scanned the sky at the time it passes with a high elevation degree (77). What might have happened?

I am currently trying to observe and obtain data from the meteorological satellites. I have constructed a V-dipole specifically for the 137 MHz and was able to observe the NOAA 15, NOAA 18, and NOAA ...
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Receiving a lot of noise with RTL-SDR and SDR# for GOMX-1

Hi im new to SDR and having issues setting up SDR#. I'm trying to receive from GOMX-1 on 437.25 MHz for a project. My set up is the dongle, a LNA and a self built helical antenna for that frequency's ...
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Adapt old AvermediaTV DVB-T tuner as SDR

I want to adapt the DVB-T AverMedia TV Pilot" tuner as a software defined radio, but it is not built on a RTL chip, so the question arises, is there some kind of driver to use my tuner as a radio?...
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Why is the Air Band distorted at times with SDR Sharp?

I am using SDRsharp to monitor air band with an RTL-SDR dongle. Sometimes I receive ATC voice clearly but at times it's distorted, I am using RTL AGC gain of 29dB with no tuner gain. My filter ...
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Problem recording morse with sdr#

I have a problem with recording SWS-morse using SDRSharp and RTL-SDR. I want fixed gain, not audio automatic gain control. The problem is that all signal but the weakest will cause the recorded audio ...
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How do I set the RX frequency on a R820T/ R820T2 based SDR

My question relates to the specific programming of an R820T/ R820T2 based SDR for a specific frequency. I'm trying to build a self contained and auto initializing Raspberry Pi 4-based (ignore that ...
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