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Questions tagged [rtl-sdr]

Discussion related to the rtl-sdr project, which enables certain television dongles and other hardware to be used as a cheap SDR receiver

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HackRF One and IoT overloaded?

I'm transmitting Z-Wave frames using HackRF One in loop, one frame every second. Has anyone clue why are some frames not transmitted? You can see several too long gaps between frames on Waterfall (...
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Receiving a lot of noise with RTL-SDR and SDR# for GOMX-1

Hi im new to SDR and having issues setting up SDR#. I'm trying to receive from GOMX-1 on 437.25 MHz for a project. My set up is the dongle, a LNA and a self built helical antenna for that frequency's ...
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How to decode 2FSK signal with SDR?

I'm new to radio and SDR but, as a hobby project, I'm trying to decode a 2FSK radio signal received by an RTL-SDR that I sent using an SI4463 transmitter. The record file contains 3 packets, but I'm ...
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GNU Radio FM Receiver does not work on Ubuntu 20.04 nor on Windows 10

GNU Radio v3.8 with Qt-GUI on Ubuntu 20.04 Before starting on something new I always test my setup with this GNURadio hello world flow graph which I know for sure, that it used to work. The other day, ...
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Capture Uplink GSM packets using 820T2 and SDR

I am an extreme beginner with SDR. I am trying to use the 820T2 & SDR device to capture uplink gsm packets sent by my phone to the nearest Base Station. I have an Rx Monitor App installed on my ...
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Compare signal strength with Software Defined Radio

I want to compare field strength with an RTL-SDR dongle or HackRF One. With comparing I mean being correct relative to one another, like if I know field strength of one in mW/m^2 then I know the other....
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Capturing Bluetooth / WiFi on an SDR

I have a question, right before purchasing SDR for some tests: Commercial hardware for bluetooth (even Ubertooth) allows you to receive packets on a 1MHz channel. Which practicaly means that if you, ...
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Budget Open Source and Open Hardware SDRs?

Recently, I've been playing with an RLT-SDR dongle and enjoying it. While I've designed plenty of PCBs and other electronics, I haven't had a chance to work with RF at all, so I wanted to design my ...
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How to fix correlator memory allocation error in GNSS SDRLIB while post processing?

I am using GNSS SDRLIB for postprocessing a RTL SDR signal sample and as you can see I was able to get the acquisition of the satellites, however I'm not getting any position fixes (the obs file is ...
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