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Questions tagged [rssi]

Received Signal Strength Indicators, also known as the "bars" that display your signal reception. Questions about how they work and how to use them belong here!

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Printing the Signal Power on the terminal from the USRP source block on GNURadio

I'm working on a project that makes use of the Ettus USRP X300 and the GNURadio environment. I have established a connection between the transmitter and the receiver of the USRP and I'm able to read ...
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Wireless signal strength explanation needed

Could you kindly explain me or advise following please... I have a TP-link WiFi router. When I measure signal strength just in the vicinity of the router- literally I touch my smartphone (with WiFi ...
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Can I measure position with antenna/receiver?

I hope this question is not out of bounds. I'm a EE with little RF and you guys seem to know a LOT about RF... I have a small vehicle traveling in a straight line at low speed. I need to know when it ...
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How to Measure Signal Strength

I am building several types of radio antennas, and I would like to test which is the most effective. I am wondering: What is the best way to measure the strength of the received signal? It is at ~151 ...
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RSSI on both ends of UHF Point to Point network do not match

My understanding of an RSSI reading is that it should equal Tx power - Tx feed loss + Tx antenna gain - pathloss + Rx antenna gain - Rx feed loss. If this is the case, if the radios at either end are ...
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How to measure received signal strength, using DIY circuit

I use 2.4GHz receivers for flying my RC planes via FPV. So i can get best reception i use multiple antennas on multiple video receivers. I have a diversity controller that uses noise in the video ...
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Digital-mode signal reports

When operating analog voice, we give a qualitative (or possibly just arbitrary) signal report, 'scoring' the signal either out of a maximum 'five by five', or a maximum '599'. How do you report the ...
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