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Questions tagged [rf-power]

Questions about power ratings and restrictions, including maximum power by law or for certain components, or about calculating power in certain situations.

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Extracting radio signal strength from multiband TIFF file

I have N number of TIFF files corresponding to each radio stations in my data, and I am trying to measure the approximate signal strengths from each of these stations at K geographic locations(say for ...
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Design of an LNA housing box for a UHF/VHF satellite ground station

I'm currently designing a waterproof metallic case to house LNAs, power cables, and RF switches for a UHF/VHF satellite ground station. As shown in the diagram below, the antennas are connected to an ...
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Parasitic inductance of relay contacts

I need to switch a bank of filters operating on bands from about 2MHz to 30MHz. The parasitic series inductance of the relay contact system will have an effect on the performance of my system. ...
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Ferrites losses calculation

I am new on RF design. I would like to know more about ferrites. I am looking for information about how to calculate ferrite losses and saturation points for a given application. I also would like to ...
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How do you take into account the SNR of a transmitter in a fade margin?

I have a fade margin for a RF bridge, but it only compares the sensitivity of the receiver to the received power - or alternatively calculates the Eb/N0 from the net received power divided by the ...
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