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Questions tagged [repeater]

A device that receives a signal and re transmits it either in the same band or by re-modulating it in a different band.

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Linking DStar repeaters using Icom syntax

I would like to monitor a remote repeater (VE2RM) through my local repeater (VE3TTT). I am trying to figure out how to link them - specifically using the Icom ID-52A commands/syntax. I found some ...
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Repeater PTT time

I have made some repeaters with GM300 radios, Using a cable TX-RX to join both radios by the 16 pin. Done it some years ago. But can't remember how I did to make the repeater stand up for a second ...
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why i cant hear my voice when i connect to two Baofeng uv82 to the same repeater frequencies

I have two baofeng uv-82 and I connected both to the same repeater frequency, and once I press the ptt button I can hear the squelch sound on both radios. However, once I talk to one radio, I don't ...
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Is it possible to setup a private network with DNS lookup using app_rpt?

I am going through a bit of a headache trying to find this information. I have a lot of people interested in a private simplex node/repeater network using Asterisk/app_rpt, the same software ...
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Repeater transmit voice message/warning on input frequency?

I'm in the process of planning a UHF CB radio repeater. And I've heard there are ones around that transmit a voice message/warning on their input frequency (as well as standard output channel ident) ...
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Direct call via the repeaters

Is it possible and if, how does it work, to establish direct DMR call between two stations through different repeaters? Does it work in the similar way as opening temporary groups on repeaters or some ...
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Need Help Setting up TS/CC's on XPR8300 Talk Groups

New Motorola XPR8300 repeater in place, but NO idea how to set up Talk Groups. HELP! Tommy NH7R
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