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Questions tagged [repeater]

A device that receives a signal and re transmits it either in the same band or by re-modulating it in a different band.

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5 answers

Wifi passive repeater (antenna to antenna connection)

I have two buildings. Building A has wifi (2.4GHz) infrastructure, Building B doesn't. One side of building B can pick up the wifi signal from building A. I want to passively extend the signal through ...
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How do I make a RF propagation map for a repeater?

Let's say I have a repeater. Knowing all of the information about antenna height and gain in each direction, as well as power, how can I create a map similar to this map I saw of a repeater in ...
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OK to use any repeater?

There are a number of repeaters in my area, each belonging to a particular amateur radio club. These guys are all friendly and willing to chat but I was wondering if it was bad form to make use of a ...
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Why can't I hear myself from a second radio when bouncing off a repeater?

I am a relatively new ham, and haven't joined any club yet or participated in any nets. I have, however, hit a repeater just to know I can do it. I was told my sound was scratchy (no surprise there) ...
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Fastest Speed allowed for CW FM repeater ID in USA

What is the fastest legal WPM I can use for my repeater's Morse code identification? I am in the USA.
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5 votes
3 answers

Is it legal to use animal noise courtesy beep?

For Thanksgiving, I changed the courtesy beep to a turkey noise on my repeater/node. Some other people did it so I thought it was fine. Someone however told me that it did not follow part 97 FCC. Is ...
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Conducting a slow scan television net via an FM repeater [closed]

I've heard the Houston AMSAT Net sends slow scan television pictures as part of its regular proceeding. Is this unique to them or are there other examples out there?
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Why is repeater post-xmit "burst" stronger than repeated signal? [duplicate]

I have no problem triggering GB3LW, and after I release PTT I get the strong burst from the repeater confirming that it "heard me". But if I use two radios, the receive-only one will only hear that ...
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Are directional couplers ever used in duplex repeater systems?

I understand that most single-band repeaters will use a tuned cavity duplexer to isolate the received signal from the transmitted signal, since the frequencies are very close and extremely sharp ...
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Store and forward system like voicemail for hams

I want to be able to get in touch with hams in my area when we are not both on air at the same time, but are close enough to each other for VHF communication. I want to be able to use my radio to call ...
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Two devices + one antenna

What I have: GSM 900 repeater 900 - 2400 MHz MIMO antenna 2xSMA MIMO 4G Router works with 1800 MHz LTE Is it a good idea to connect GSM repeater via SMA splitter to one of the antenna cables? Will ...
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2 answers

Repeating UHF Handheld via UHF vehicle transceiver

I have recently taken on programming radios for my workplace in Chicago, IL. We have an old base station (Kenwood TK863G-1) that I wanted to know if it would be possible to use as a repeater similar ...
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Repeater for 1/4 square mile campus

I am a noob to a lot of amateur radio and I am investigating and planning a repeater setup to be installed in my workplace. We are on a hospital campus in Chicago, IL and have many tall buildings ...
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