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How to calculate passive repeater gain?

An active club in my area moved its repeater to a new location behind a big hill, and we can't join the regular social nets anymore. I'm not holding my breath that anyone in the gated HOA at the top ...
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2 answers

Beginner listening to a repeater - only hearing one station

This morning I tuned in to a repeater about 12km from me (in the UK). I could hear activity, but from only one station. I could tell that there were other stations using that repeater from the ...
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How to plot transmitter coverage area?

As an Extra class licensee, I should probably know this... I am working on a web application for repeater owners. I would like to include an estimated coverage area, provided they have entered all of ...
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Difference between antennas for Wi-Fi vs. ham repeaters

I understand that Wi-Fi transmits on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz whereas local ham repeaters transmit around 147 MHz or 450 MHz. What differences would be needed in antennas tuning into either of these ...
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3 answers

Line of sight from geographic/map data?

I have line of sight issues with repeaters I want/need to use (it's a repeater network my club uses). One of the options that might be available to me is to install a "passive repeater" in a location ...
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How can I be sure I'm actually hitting the repeater?

I'm just starting to use 2m and 70cm bands, which normally use repeaters to extend range beyond a mile or two (limited mostly by line of sight, as I understand it). When I'm at home, however, I'm not ...
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2 answers

How to do APRS in real wilderness?

I'm a relatively new ham (licensed a couple of years ago, occasional activity on 70cm and 2m, mostly repeaters). I'm looking to extend my ham experience and am interested in digital and packet modes. ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to have 2 FM transmitters on the same frequency?

Has there been any success in transmitting two simultaneous FM signals? I am assuming if the phase is correct, and the signals are identical, it would be possible. That would be really nice if newer ...
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2 answers

70cm antenna for an apartment

I have a blind friend who can't put anything outside, and is restricted to antennas near the window in his apartment. Luckily he lives closer to the top, which helps with range a little bit. He has a ...
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How do I make a RF propagation map for a repeater?

Let's say I have a repeater. Knowing all of the information about antenna height and gain in each direction, as well as power, how can I create a map similar to this map I saw of a repeater in ...
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