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How to fix radio that my UV-5R receives signal only when I hold the MONI button even with squelch set from 0 to 9

My UV-5R stopped receiving signal - that what I thought at first. After reading many threads here is what I figured out: if I hold the MONI button then I can receive signal I have 2 UV-5R - exact same ...
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Tuning two antennas using wire length

I've heard that in the early spark-gap wireless telegraphy era people would use kites with a wire acting as antennas and if the receiving side had a wire length that was an even division or multiple ...
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Boosting Mobile Phone Reception

Yes, I know, this could very well be a controversial topic, so feel free to close this off if you feel it's not a good fit for this site. That said, I'm posting it here because hams (and as a ...
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QRN: How to chase down a solid S9 noise floor on 40m only

I am new to this, having just set up my station. I have "very bad" QRN on 40m: S9. Here is the setup: High density suburb with flats and houses Yaesu FT450D with fan dipole at 6m-9m above ...
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Where exactly does atmospheric noise (QRN) come from?

Where does the noise I can hear on my 28 MHz receiver come from? I'm not talking about the inherent noise produced by the internal circuitry of the radio, I mean the noise received by the antenna. It'...
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NOAA weather broadcasts

I am getting no NOAA weather broadcasts, after loading all NOAA weather channels into memory or entering the frequencies manually on a new Baofeng UV-5R?? Why? Do I need to do something else?
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Receiving an Coded Odd Signal at 137.25MHz but don't know what it might be. It can affect my detection on NOAA 19. Need help

I am a newbie trying to detect NOAA 15, 18, and 19 satellites, which have downlink frequencies between 137 MHz and 138 MHz. I am using an SDR dongle and attached a photo of it to this post. Of course,...
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Receive antenna design for large wooded lot

I've begun setting up a ham station at a rural home with a 3 acre deeply wooded rectangular lot, and a width of at least 100'. Picture shows the house portion of the lot. Currently my primary send ...
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How does PTT from one two-way radio prevent input on another?

I'm very much a beginner with radio. I have a simple set of Baofeng BF-888S radios, and in my basic use with those, I got very curious about something: when you push the PTT button on one radio to ...
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Why can I hear Morse when not in CW mode?

I don't "get" CW. I can't understand the chatter on an FM radio broadcast when my radio is set to AM. This makes sense, the signal is modulated using frequency modulation and I am trying to ...
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Improve AM reception on an old Walkman that has no external antenna

I have an old Philips walkman that has AM/FM radio. I tried AM radio. Really I can get clearly 2 country radios. I caught very poorly 4 foreign radios or different countries, but they have lots of ...
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How do I Construct a Simple FM Antenna?

I recently bought a cheap stereo amplifier with built in FM receiver from Amazon at the first link below. Testing it out today I found the FM reception to be sub-par. All of my local stations that I ...
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Only noise, no signals whatsoever on HF

Last night there was a power outage at home. I was able to see a LOT of stations on 20M (FT8). As soon power returned, all of them disappeared. You can see in the waterfall very clearly when power ...
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