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Questions tagged [q-codes]

Questions about the meaning and customary use of Q-codes.

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CB v Amateur Radio [duplicate]

I am learning about Amateur Radio so as I can go for my foundation licence but I was on CB back in the days, a channel nine monitor and used the 10 code and the Q code but all I can see is the 73 ...
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Last Morse call for Thomas?

What does this mean: CQ de KYHP QTC? K My father-in-law was a radio operator in the merchant marines during WWII — this was his last writing.
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Where can I find the definition of the Q Codes as they should be used in amateur radio (CW)?

Where can I find the definition of the Q Codes for amateur radio? So far I could only find ITU-R M.1172 ANNEX 1 Miscellaneous abbreviations and signals to be used for radiocommunications in ...
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What exactly is meant by "mutilated" in sense of QSD?

I'm reading Rec. ITU-R M.1172 and its precise definition of Q-code QSD is "Are my signals mutilated? Your signals are mutilated." From what I've seen, QSD is usually used to check if keying is ...
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What is a shallow/deep QSB?

Probably all amateurs recognize QSB as the q-code to represent 'fading'. I recently encountered the terms Shallow QSB Deep QSB A quick google search failed to yield fruit; What do the above terms ...
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What do "QRM" and "QSB" refer to?

An answer on Basic QSO format? mentions things like "QRM" and "QSB". What do those terms mean?
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