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How do you get the uSDX+ transceiver to work properly?

I saw this relatively cheap transceiver on amazon. So, I thought, for a beginner like me, why don't I buy it? I didn't want to buy the thousand-dollar icom transceiver, so I was left with that option. ...
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Safety on communications cable that has 220v

As you know there are bias tee adapters that can mix power and radio signals. Lets say that the power is actually 220v ac. I want to put in front of the bias tee a resistor/fuse that should blow up ...
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What's the maximum possible "DC input to radiated RF" energy efficiency of a radio transmitter system?

It's simply a bromide amongst hams that you need to match the output impedance of a transmitter to the input impedance of an antenna, but I never thought through the implications of this until I came ...
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How would you design a power controller for battery, solar, and mains power?

I would like to build a device that acts as a charge controller and battery switch. Where would I look for circuit diagrams and component suggestions for something like this? I'm trying to build ...
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What power levels do the Baofeng UV-5R/5RA/5RE have? [closed]

What are the power settings of handheld radios of the Baofeng UV-5R series in watts?
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Need help in the fabrication of an UHF power amplifier

I recently decided to conceive a 10W class 446MHz amplifier. I want to be able to amplify a 100mW signal into a 10W, for that i'm going for a two stages amplifier : SKY65162 to amplify the signal to ...
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Purpose and sizing of capacitors placed across RF push-pull power amplifier transformer windings

I keep finding RF push-pull power amplifier designs specified with a small(-ish) capacitor across the primary (or secondary) windings of the coupling transformers. Here's an example: This is one ...
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Power output of KT8900

Any ideas on adjusting the low power output of the KT8900. The output tranny has a max rating of 12V and specs are centred on 7.5 volts. Yet they try to run it at 13.8V?? I want to reduce the output ...
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