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Use this tag whenever the topic includes Morse code paddles. This can include interfacing them to a keyer or a computer or explanations of how to use them.

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Advice on keyer: two paddle on old Kenwood with 'straight key' only

I am using a Kenwood TS-130S, which has only a 1-pole jack for the key (it is a 1/4" telephone jack, aka "monoaural", tip and barrel only). I know that I need to have an aftermarket ...
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I have suddenly lost the ability to transmit CW on M IC-7200 xnxceiver. I am able to receive sigs but keyer does not work.makes dits but no dahs

My trusty IC-7200 has worked flawlessly for over 15 years but now I can't transit CW which is the only mode I work. I think something in the set for paddle connection is wrong. The directions in my ...
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Wiring a CW paddle and straight key to a TRS connector?

Some transceivers come with a TRS plug input labeled "key". When wiring my paddle or a straight key for these TRS connector inputs, is there any current standard for which key connection goes to ...
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Yaesu FT-450D How to troubleshoot problems with the Keyer jack

I am a big fan of the Yaesu FT-450D but there is one really frustrating quirk that took some time to figure out. The FT-450 has a keyer jack on the front panel. It is the lower of two 1/8 inch ...
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How to use a Linux computer as a paddle key code practice oscillator

I'm working on learning Morse code, and I'm looking for a way to use my computer as a practice oscillator with a double paddle key. I'm using a Linux PC, but a Raspberry Pi solution would be cool to. ...
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