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Questions related to sending digital data over amateur radio including hardware, protocols, and related software.

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Packet Radio at 100 miles [closed]

I am wanting to assemble a Packet Radio solution that will allow for packet radio transmission with a range of about 100 miles or better. I am not sure what band to use, what radio to use, what ...
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Why does the FCC put restrictions on symbol rates?

This answer claims that Mostly, on HF, the FCC has chosen to limit modes of transmission and symbol rates rather than bandwidth Why does the FCC limit symbol rates?
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Are there any Alternatives to Packet Radio for sending digital data?

Recently, I asked a question about using an Arduino to send packet radio. I noticed that the top record speed for packet radio is 1 megabit/second, on a modified radio. Someone mention on stack ...
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Using a Baofeng UV-5R V2+ as a Portable Packet Radio

So my idea is I might use a keyboard to enter text. I would use an Arduino to control the ham radio. The problem is that I have no idea on how to use the Arduino to control the radio. Also, what ...