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Use this tag when the topic is about the P25 set of standards that allow a channel to be shared between both voice and data separately or together, via simplex or repeater.

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Why does P25 occasionally break through tone squelch on my analog HTs?

When listening to our local repeater, which is now a combined P25/analog machine, every once in a while my squelch opens to a blast of digital noise. I've noticed this problem with at least two ...
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P25 Digital vs. Analog

Recently, I was given a Motorola XTS 5000 (Model 1) P25 radio to play around with. It has several local repeaters already programmed into it. It is set for "Mixed Mode", which will receive ...
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How to access a P25 repeater?

Are there any special instructions for accessing a P25 repeater? What makes it different from a CTCSS/PL-tone-encoded repeater? What special features does a radio need to access it?
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