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Nets are planned gatherings of more than two operators on a specific repeater or frequency. They typically either happen on a regular schedule, or in response to specific events, such as severe weather.

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What's the deal with 7.200 MHz LSB?

I was scrolling around on my radio and came across an interesting conversation on 7.200 MHz. There were saying something about how Biden is using food stamps to launder money from China. I checked ...
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So how do HF nets work, anyways?

I'm familiar with VHF/UHF repeater-based nets and the general concept of how nets work (net controller that you check in with, net controller says who talks, people send it back to the controller ...
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Net log and QSO submission question

New ham here. Is it common practice and acceptable to submit net logs as QSOs to QRZ, eQSL, LoTW, etc? One person told me they log other's callsigns checking in to a net they're participating in and ...
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How can I tell if someone is mistakenly transmitting on a repeater output frequency, instead of the (offset) input frequency?

I sometimes run a VHF radio net for our club, on a 145.170 MHz channel served by a repeater with a -600 KHz offset. People who program their transceiver with the proper repeater offset mode use it ...
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Is it possible to make antenna for one specific frequency?

I have a GSM Modem that works on 2300MHz Frequency (LTE), but it could only receive 3 bar of signal strength. I plan to make a DIY directional antenna that is made specifically for this Frequency ...
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What is the proper way to log participation in a net?

I'm a new operator (since Thursday) and I'm just curious how folks here log participation in a net. There is a twice a day social net here I've been participating in occasionally. Do I log everyone ...
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Conducting a slow scan television net via an FM repeater [closed]

I've heard the Houston AMSAT Net sends slow scan television pictures as part of its regular proceeding. Is this unique to them or are there other examples out there?
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How do emergency nets work?

In movies that depict amateur radio in emergencies, the hams' worldwide communication network invariably is able to pass messages between individuals. As an amateur that has been primarily interested ...
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