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MURS is the Multi-Use Radio Service in the United States. It is license-free. FCC Type-certified equipment is required for the use of this service. 5 VHF channels are allocated, with a multitude of subaudible tones to control squelch.

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Retevis MURS radio and encrypted sub codes

I have some Retevis MURS two-way radios model number RT27V. In the programing software there is an option for DCS encrypt. Now I turned on and off the DCS encrypt option and using my NooElec SDR with ...
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1 answer

Tuning a Homebrew MURS

From online directions, I made a MURS antenna. The 1:1 SWR is at 142.000 and I want to tune it for 146.500 (therebouts). I know I need to shorten this antenna. I would like to confirm that I do NOT ...
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Can a Baofeng UV-5R+ be used on FRS, GMRS, and MURS?

Is this secure if I was talking to another Baofeng UV-5R+?
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