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Multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO, is the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver to improve communication performance

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Antenna array's relative phase changes at each measurement trail

I am using an Rx antenna array (4 antennas), and a TX transmitter. Without changing my location of both transmitter and receiver as well as modifying my array geometry, I am measuring different phase ...
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Is it possible to have 2 x 3:2 MIMO with 2 antennas?

I was going through a datasheet of an HPE M210 802.11n Access Point. According to the specs it has 2 internal antennas and supports 2 x 3:2 MIMO. My question are: 1) is it actually possible to have 3 ...
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multiband mimo ad-hoc wireless connections from different spectrums [closed]

I'd like to create a multiband MIMO ad-hoc wireless network. Can I turn on every GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth radio of a mobile device and synchronize data transfers at extreme speeds between a small, ...
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Using MIMO in Amateur Radio?

MIMO, Multiple Input, Multiple Output, is used widely in commercial data transmission. 802.11n and LTE devices use it to increase throughput, link reliability, and channel usage without increasing ...
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