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What band/setting is suitable for using SDR in wild area for exchanging beacon messages and alerts? [closed]

The problem we try to fix: We're living in north America. In many wild areas, mostly hilly forest terrain, there's no cellular signal. So far we figured out two solutions: using two-way radio (walkie-...
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How does AMPR work over IPIP tunnels?

I'm experimenting with AMPR, and I have been allocated a 44.x.x.x IP address block which I'd like to use via an IPIP tunnel. There are some tutorials out there but none of them explain what happens ...
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LoRa radio transceiver for PtP mesh?

I am very new to general RF/radio in general other than basic WiFi, but I'm looking at the feasibility and cost of a long range (>200M between nodes, sometimes probably 500+M) in flat terrain, ...
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What is Hinternet, in simple terms?

I've been reading about HInternet a bit, and all explanations I find are detailed technical explanations. I have no idea who pays for internet connectivity, where the internet sources from, etc. ...
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How to test Line-of-Sight radio at 5GHz at range 25Km or less?

I'm thinking of buying PowerBeam ac. It's a wireless device to connect two computer networks that are about 25 kilometers apart. But it depended on line-of-sight they say. So is there a cheap way to ...
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Picostation Not Accepting AREDN Firmware

Help! I got a PicoStation off of Ebay. When trying to upload the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network firmware to it, I get Bad firmware update image. How do I get ...
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Logging a contact over a mesh network

Is there a way to log contacts over a mesh network, using TQSL/ LOTW/ EQSL/ etc? If so, how should it be logged.
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Linksys WRT54G turned in to a brick

I just bought my first WRT54G (V3), and wanted to build a mesh network (Using the Broadband-ham firmware, , which as I understand is based on OpenWrt). I wasn't paying ...
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What is a good way to bench test a mesh network?

I've been experimenting with some 2.4ghz based mesh networks similar to I'd like to have something on the bench where I could simulate roving between nodes, and create hidden ...
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