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A shortwave software defined radio kit available from M0NKA. Includes clones such as RS-918.

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Can you think of any reason my NanoVNA says my antenna has 1.2 SWR while my radio says it has off the scale SWR?

My radio is an mcHF kit that I just finished soldering up. It receives fine, but when I went to transmit it's giving off the scale SWR. I rechecked my antenna with my NanoVNA, and it shows 1.2 SWR at ...
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What's the difference between LPF and BPF in context of bandwidth setting?

I'm used to simple RX/TX bandwidth configurations, on my VHF FM rig it's either narrow, normal, or wide. It seems to be much more complex on my new HF SDR rig, and the instructions don't say anything ...
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