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Cleaning an oxidized NMO Mount

Before going through a car wash, I took my mobile antenna off its NMO mount and it looks like water seeped in through the threads. It's not corroded (i.e., there's no metal flaking off) but it's not ...
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Musty smell in old equipment

I recently came into possession of number of old ham radio and a variety of old test equipment. Items from to 1960s to the 1980s. Several of the items have a strong musty smell. What can I do to ...
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How long can a transceiver be unused before I have to use a variac?

I have an old TenTec Argosy II that hasn’t been powered up for 20 years. How long can electronics go unpowered before I have to worry about the electrolytic needed a slow power up with a Variac?
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What did it mean to "align" a radio?

I've heard older hams talk about "aligning" their equipment. E.g. "I sent it to a guy for alignment" or "that rig probably needs to be completely aligned before you use it". As a kid, sometimes I ...
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Does oxidation of the antenna elements have any impact on the signal quality of the station?

So I'm still QRT; apart from a brown-out on the rig, the support on the inverted-vee toppled over in high winds. Thanks to the topple-over I discovered the conductors (SWG 16 bare copper) had ...
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Cleaning relay contacts?

I have an old transceiver. I have a problem where ocassionally the received signal will drop out when switching from transmit to receive. I've narrowed it down to the transmit/receive relay. When ...
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