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Why are longer antennas not suitable to pick higher frequencies?

I know that the length of an antenna depends on the wavelength of the frequency it's trying to receive. A higher frequency needs a shorter antenna and vice versa. I can see that with a high frequency ...
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End fed long wire antenna causing issues

I use a hex beam to operate from 20 meters to 6 meters with amazing results. I wish to operate 40 meters and 80 meters also, and can only really install an end fed long wire due to my installation ...
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End fed long wire antenna for 40 meters length

I have a hex beam antenna that gets me onto bands from 20 meters to 6 meters very well. I wish to have an antenna that gets me onto 40 meters at night very well also. Recently I purchased an end fed ...
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Where can I find information regarding RESONANT long wire antennas?

So multiples (by 3x-5x) of full wave lengths long? It's my understanding that you can build an antenna that is 802.28 feet long and it's naturally resonant WITH GAIN on all the usual Field Day ...
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