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Anything to do with long path propagation - intentionally pointing a signal directly away from the intended recipient, such that it will go around the Earth before reaching them.

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How is it possible for an HF signal to go around the world when part of it must be in sunlight?

I believe most of us know about the ionosphere, and skywave propagation, but I'm kind of tripping up on the D-layer. If the ionospheric D-layer absorbs HF signals (40 meters, for example) during the ...
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What is the correct procedure to beam long-path?

I'm new to directional beam antennas, and saw that K9W Wake Island DXpedition was working 10 meters "long-path" at 1230z, or 6:30a.m. in Texas. This was late enough for the sun to be coming up, but is ...
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