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Questions tagged [line-of-sight]

Use this tag for questions specifically about line of sight communications, as opposed to communications using active or passive reflectors (repeaters, meteor scatter, ionospheric propagation, etc.). Line of sight is the normal propagation mode on VHF and up, where on HF ionospheric propagation is normally used.

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Restricted line-of-sight communication

Why do line of sight communication links have a restricted range for a given tower height? Is it only because of the Earth's Curvature?
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3 answers

Line of sight from geographic/map data?

I have line of sight issues with repeaters I want/need to use (it's a repeater network my club uses). One of the options that might be available to me is to install a "passive repeater" in a location ...
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Antenna height for LoRaWAN Gateway

I have designed a LoRaWAN gateway and it is under testing. I have been using omnidirectional ...
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Can one modify footprints in Gpredict?

I have created a TLE to represent my theoretical satellite whose orbit I wish to plot using Gpredict. I have managed to load it all up onto the program and it is looking good, but one thing remains - ...
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How to test Line-of-Sight radio at 5GHz at range 25Km or less?

I'm thinking of buying PowerBeam ac. It's a wireless device to connect two computer networks that are about 25 kilometers apart. But it depended on line-of-sight they say. So is there a cheap way to ...
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How far can a 2.4 GHz, 1 watt signal go in a rural area?

What's the approximate range achievable by a 2.4 GHz signal of 1 watt in semi-urban areas? I can see 2 km from our rooftop. Will a 2.4 GHz signal go that far, i.e. if I send WiFi signals from our ...
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Practical antenna for 2m line-of-sight over 7 km [closed]

I live 7.8 kilometers birds eye view from my friends house. We are in Denver, so there may be a bit of terrain but should be relatively flat. There are a few trees, and houses and maybe a few ...
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