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Questions tagged [lightning]

Questions about lightning safety, mainly in regards to antennas and feedlines

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6 answers

How can I protect equipment against a lightning strike?

A lot of aerials (almost by design) would be rather good attractors of lightning. What steps do I need to take in the field to keep my gear safe against a lightning strike? I'm presuming the obvious ...
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Are used PolyPhaser IS-50 RF surge protectors likely to work?

I'm looking at buying a used IS-50NX-C0: The listings usually say something like "Used, pulled from working equipment." While I'd believe they still work as far as normal operation is concerned, I ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How to keep a disconnected coaxial connector weatherproof?

The advice I have seen on lightning safety is that if you don't have high-quality lightning protection (and associated grounding) installed on your feed line, it is advisable to, during a storm and ...
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Do lightning rods attract or do they help prevent lightning?

I'd read that the current theory of how lightning rods protect a house, antenna tower, or other structure is by preventing lightning from striking -- that is, the sharply pointed rod lets charge ...
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3 answers

Lightning strikes nearby and coaxial cable

A direct hit on my home by lightning is very, very unlikely. However, many lightning strikes that hit Earth nearby are by far the main hazard for ham radio gear (in my opinion, after 60 years in the ...
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3 answers

Lightning Dissipators

I have heard about many lightning protection strategies in the shack, but nobody mentioned the lightning dissipator. The lightning dissipator consists of many small spikes and prevents a strike by ...
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1 answer

Can I use electrical ground / earth as my RF ground?

I live on a high floor in an apartment block and have a radial-free multi-band vertical antenna attached to my terrace railing. This is the antenna :
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2 votes
3 answers

Why is outer coax usually grounded?

I'm building a simple ground plane antenna for VHF, and I'm doing some research on grounding in case I want to permanently install it. I keep hearing that the ground rod is connected to the outer coax ...
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2 answers

How far from a cable entry point can the lighting suppressor be installed

I'm installing a transceiver in an office on the ground floor of a warehouse. The antenna will be 45 feet above the office on the roof of the warehouse. The ceiling of the office is a drop ceiling, ...
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What would be the easiest and most cost effective ground system for a startup UHF/VHF station

I just passed both my Technician and General Class license this past weekend, and am now contemplating my first station. To get my feet wet I'm planning on getting a Yaesu FT-7900R Dual band Radio ...
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