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Low Frequency: frequencies in the range of 30 kHz–300 kHz.

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60kHz WWVB receiver help

I have built a large ferrite loopstick antenna based off this video. I live in Washington state and am trying to receive and decode WWVB. I can get my antenna to resonate at 60kHz with ~700 pF of ...
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Ferrite unun transformer to match antenna resistance loads of <50Ω?

For LF/MF (2200m/630m), I am interested in the situation of a vertical antenna with capacitance hat top-loading, where the vertical antenna is VERY short compared to wavelength, and the antenna is ...
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How to make ELF-ULF antenna myself?

I want to check the EM pulse between 3HZ-3kHZ with N9041B UXA Signal Analyzer,it seemed the only antenna I can use is Aaronia MagnoTRACKER,but the price is not affordable. Then I plan to make ELF-ULF ...
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What are the technical reasons that there are no FM transmissions on the long, medium, or shortwave?

Why are there no frequency modulated broadcasts on the long/medium/short wave, but only on VHF? I'm sure there are many historical and political reasons (long/medium/short wave were already in use for ...
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Receiving medium - low frequency CPU signal

I'm trying to listen to the CPU freq's my PC produces (kinda similar to what was done here: I do see a clear signal that comes from the CPU (I know ...
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Utility pit MW/LW omnidirectional antenna

I am looking at antennas for a rather unusual application: mounted under a utility pit lid (manhole cover). The goal is to receive commercial MW/LW stations. The antenna has to be attached to the ...
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Can one send data over Short-wave frequencies?

I have an inkling of an idea- a modem system communicating over Short-wave. I know that WiMAX already exists, but the difference is that, while WiMAX works on the Gigahertz frequencies, and most ...
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