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Questions regarding laws or other legal regulations pertaining directly to amateur radio. Also tag your question with the relevant location. If in doubt, always seek professional legal advice.

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6.765 - 6.795 MHz ISM band for prototype testing

Not strictly a ham radio question, but I figure this is the most knowledgable community to ask. This question pertains to Canada, specifically. If I were wanting to build a prototype for a commercial ...
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It is allowed to have more APRS trackers with one callsign in Europe Union

I am interested if I can set up all my automatic APRS GPS trackers with one call sign in Austria (like in the US)? Are there any restrictions on usage?
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UK Intermediate training a not qualified newbie

I'm 99.9% certain that this will be OK, but independent verification would be reassuring. I am an "Intermediate" licence holder in the UK. This means that I am authorised to design and build my own ...
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What are the unintentional radiation limits in U.S. HF bands?

What are the radiation limits in U.S. HF bands in terms, not in terms of uV/M, but in dBm or uV levels transmitted though an HF dipole antenna? I assume that if the antenna is connected to a receiver ...
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36ft pole from the ground then adding 7.80 meters antenna on top is this legal

If I use a 36ft pole and a 7.80 meters antenna on top of the pole, is this going to break the law in Scotland? My antenna that I'm planning to install is a siro 827.