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Matters related to amateur radio operation beyond the jurisdiction of a ham's licensing entity.

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Can an American General licensee operate in Portugal during a visit?

I am an American and I have an American General License (k8axf), and I tried to make sense of all the legal documents to see if I can operate while visiting Portugal and I think I can under a CEPT CAT ...
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What nations still require Morse code testing for Amateur radio license?

Going a bit further I'll ask, for which licenses (all or just for licenses for HF operation) and at what speed (5 WPM, 10 WPM, none specified)? The reason I ask is because every so often I'll see ...
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How do Radio Regulations and Frequency Allocations Apply to an Ionosonde?

An ionosonde is a special HF radio transmitter that periodically transmits a signal that sweeps across a large portion or the entire HF spectrum to identify the propagation of radio signal in the ...
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2 answers

Can I take and use Baofeng UV-82 in Norway?

Planning to go for a camping trip. According to this document (in Norwegian but easy to understand), I can use a radio running PMR446 and KDR 444 freqs. Baofeng can do this. The question is: is the ...
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Full UK license visiting US: Can I use frequencies in US but not UK license?

E.g.: 7.2-7.3MHz are Region 2 but not Region 1. My license is "from" Region 1. 1.25 meter band is not available in the UK Operating from aircraft is not permitted in the UK. Would it be if I visited ...
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Which international regulation allows reception, archiving or republishing of amateur transmissions?

I remember from my amateur radio course, and old versions of our local national regulation documents, that anyone is allowed to receive amateur radio transmissions. It's been claimed that ...
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Is it all right to call CQ to a foreign country in their own language?

I have been asked by an Arabic speaker here in UK if it is legal, or desirable, to call CQ in Arabic if his beam is directed that way. Please, what answer should I give? Is there a general rule that ...
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International Broadcast - database programs? [closed]

In my search to identify the stations I can (barely) hear on my small shortwave setup, I discovered the HFCC. They have a tool that takes your location and UTC time, and provides a list of stations ...
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What regulatory issues/differences should I be aware of as a US ham vacationing in Europe (Poland)?

I am a US ham with an Extra Class ticket. If I were to go Poland (or possibly some other part of Europe) on vacation and bring some radios, what legal stuff do I need to know about? I know that my ...
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Can I operate in the United Kingdom with a US license?

Can my license from the United States be used to operate while I'm in the United Kingdom?
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Does an amateur radio licence work worldwide? [closed]

Lets say that I get my amateur radio license in country A and then some time later I move to country B. Will I need to get a new license on country B or does the license obtained in country A works ...
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