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Questions tagged [icom]

An International manufacturer of radio equipment, Based in Japan. Their products include equipment for radio amateurs, pilots, maritime applications, land mobile professional applications and scanning enthusiasts.

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1 answer

Remote wake up of Icom IC-706Mk2g

I known you can control the rig with the CI-V interface, but my question is: Once the rig goes to sleep (inactivity timeout) can it be turned back on without having to use the power button on the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Identify Icom portable radio

I'm trying to identify this Icom portable radio. Unfortunately, the picture is in a quite a bad shape. Does someone know the model number? Thank you!
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I am a newbie in HAM.The transceiver I have in my lab is ICOM IC910 H. My goal is to use it to communicate with our cubesat which uses GMSK. According to the manual, on page 50, there are notes for ...
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Radio wont RX or TX on repeaters. Fine in simplex

I am having this issue and cant seem to find a solution. I am running a Yaesu vx6r radio, I have had it for about 6 years. Today, I fired it up, as I had just built a 5 element 70cm yagi for satellite ...
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Receiving BFSK with 9.6 khz deviation on TS-2000 / ICOM(IC-910H) in FM mode

I have used Kenwood TS-2000 to receive BFSK signals with 3.3 khz deviation operating the TS-2000 in FM mode. Can we receive similar signals but whose BFSK deviation is 9.6 Khz using either the TS-2000 ...
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Does the ICOM ID-51A's repeater search work with non-D-STAR repeaters?

Has anyone tested the new ICOM ID-51A Plus with regular repeaters (i.e. analog)? I'm looking to quickly find the nearest repeater (and sign on with a PL code!) with like 1 or 2 clicks. Is that ...
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BAOFENG UV-5R for cubesat communication on lab, does it work?

Here we have a cubesat which operates in VHF/UHF. Communication with it (from a ground station perspective) is done with an Icom Radio. Would it be possible to replace it with a cheaper BAOFENG?
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1 vote
2 answers

Wiring a CW paddle

What kind of cable would be suitable for wiring an MFJ-564B Iambic CW Paddle to an Icom IC-718? I have heard that you can just use a length of old electric guitar cord but I was not sure what to do.
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What is the difference between Yaesu noise blanker (analog IF) and Icom noise blanker (perhaps digital)

What is the difference between the Yaesu (say FT DX 5000) and Icom (say IC 7700) noise blankers? I understood that the Yaesu NB is an analogue one while Icom uses a digital solution.
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Remote control for Icom IC-7100

I just got my new Icom 7100, and while I'd love to operate it locally, there are just too many things near me that get interfered with from RF. As such, one solution is to remotely control it - I ...
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