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2 answers

What happens if I “open” a folded dipole so that the two wires are not connected anymore?

A folded half wave dipole consists of two wires in parallel with only one of the wires driven, but the ends of the two wires electrically connected. As I understand it (and I may well be wrong there) ...
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How should I stack these folded dipoles?

Looking to stack these 8 folded dipoles on my 100ft tower. I can not find any information whatsoever on these. I have 4 consecutive serial numbered boxes. Bluewave Marathon BME139FN1H0 138 - ...
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3 answers

To folded dipole, or not to folded dipole?

I currently operate a 20M half-wave dipole with a balun. It's a little lower than ideal, but it gets me on the air. I've read about folded dipoles. But I've found contradicting information about them....
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How to estimate a dipole feedpoint impedance?

An ideal dipole, at resonance, will have an impedance around 73 ohms. A folded dipole, around 280 ohms. How can I calculate the impedances when not at resonance? Let's assume I have a span of 15M in ...
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Coaxial Folded Dipole Antenna Matching Impedance

In, the guy is using a 50 ohm coax cable to build a folded dipole antenna and claims that this will enable use at 50 ohm (I ...
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3 answers

What sort of radiation efficiency can one expect from a folded dipole?

It is pretty well established that folded dipoles have much greater acceptable-SWR bandwidth than ordinary dipoles. Radiation efficiency is simply the quotient of radiated power to the antenna ...
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How does a folded dipole work?

A folded dipole is like an ordinary dipole, but with the ends extended and folded back, until they meet. Although it looks like a loop, I'm told it behaves similarly to a dipole. How does this thing ...
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Why do folded dipoles have greater bandwidth than ordinary resonant dipoles?

This is something I've read in passing, but never encountered an explanation of why. For example, Wikipedia says: Another common place one can see dipoles is as antennas for the FM band; these are ...
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