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Questions about Frequency Modulation, the analog modulation scheme commonly used for voice on VHF and UHF frequencies.

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How to use GNU Radio to demonstrate FM demodulation without baseband signals

Using GNU Radio, I'm currently trying to create a flow graph containing a simple demonstration of how FM modulation and demodulation works. Since the target audience is not accustomed with complex ...
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LA1185 FM downconverter shows weird behavior

I've built FM CCIR/OIRT downconverter based on Sanyo LA1185 IC. I've used most famous schematics for it with slight modification (added DC blocking capacitor 1 nF rated on the output) Coils L1 and L2 ...
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Is it suitable to use DSSS in a narrow-band channel for a power-starved system

I want to build a system that can transmit data through 2-way radios as far as possible. I use the "line-in" as the input of the baseband signal in the transmitter and use the "audio out" as the ...
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Receiving BFSK with 9.6 khz deviation on TS-2000 / ICOM(IC-910H) in FM mode

I have used Kenwood TS-2000 to receive BFSK signals with 3.3 khz deviation operating the TS-2000 in FM mode. Can we receive similar signals but whose BFSK deviation is 9.6 Khz using either the TS-2000 ...
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High SWR at full height

I operate a low power FM radio station. I have always had issues with high SWRs. Recently I have purchased a new transmitter, new antenna, and new 100 ft cable from the same company assuming they ...
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