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How do i configure fldigi for a UK QTH?

Location configuration in fldigi for Ubuntu only offers 'state' and 'county'. How do i enable it to accept non-US QTH?
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I configured FlDIGI to dislay letters before my PSK31 signal and then I forgot how I did it

Several months ago, before I had a Transceiver that worked, I configured FLDIGI to graphically display the letters QC 13P in the waterfall as a preamble to my PSK31 transmission. I remember I was ...
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Ten Tec Argo IV wont connect to Fldigi on R Pi

Cannot connect to Raspberry Pi with Fldigi, ttyusb0 does not show up in any cat control functions. I can connect my TS590S to the Pi and I can connect the Ten Tec to any window machine. But I cannot ...
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fldigi will only start the second/third time

Starting sometimes after 2nd sometimes after 3th times. Just now PC fresh booted, then console and fldigi started. and 2. start hangs after the two messages "Silicon_Labs_CP2105_Dual_...." start ...
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FLDigi Crashes When Trying to Load RigCAT Description File

I am trying to setup FLDigi with my ICOM-7300 via the USB connection so I can start using digital modes. Everytime I try to follow the instructions here, it doesn't work. Specifically, everytime I try ...
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Pre-transmission burst sent by fldigi

Every time I click on a PSK macro, before transmitting the message, fldigi outputs a burst of something for about a second. This is visible but not readable on my waterfall display. It wastes time ...
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Why there is no AFSK in FLDIGI

I was expecting to see an AFSK option in the Fldigi "Op Mode" menu (as there is one option for CW, i.e.), why isn't it there? Basically, I want to get the data send according to this.
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BPSK raw data aquisition with HDSDR and FLDIGI

I was playing with HDSDR+ExtIO and Ettus USRP1 to track a BPSK signal. In the end I successfully heard the signal. But I would like to see the data, I mean the raw data (HEX values). For that I tried ...
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What rig should I start with when trying to get hands-on experience with Fldigi?

I would like to get hands-on experience with Fldigi. What setup is recommendable?
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What is the difference between MFSK64 and MFSK64L?

I noticed this after updating fldigi to decode a Voice of America Radiogram. The only thing I could find in the fldigi changelog was this: ...
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