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Questions tagged [equipment-protection]

Use this tag for questions relating to protection of equipment from undesired external inputs such as overvoltages, RF coupling, and other potentially damaging inputs.

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How do you protect your radio when testing custom RF circuits at ~100W?

We are designing a UHF/VHF diplexer for a satcom project and targeting support for 100W. Our radio can transmit near 100W but of course we want to protect it in case there is a failure of some kind. ...
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Antenna grounding / bonding in relation to my AC service (with pictures)

I'm trying to figure out how to properly connect new ground rods for an antenna to my main panel. Any advice from those who have done this + have great electrical knowledge would be greatly ...
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What steps to take to secure for G2 geomagnetic storm?

So I see NASA has issued a geomagnetic storm watch for a possible G2-level storm on the 11th. I’m at about 53 degrees north geomagnetic latitude. Is this something I need to care about equipment-wise? ...
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Where can one get a "listed" SO-239 lightning arrester?

According to this summary of NEC requirements for radio antenna grounding (from 2014, but hopefully still somewhat accurate): It ...
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How effectively do modern transmitters protect against high SWR?

The following are fairly common knowledge: Transmitting at full power with too much of an impedance mismatch can damage your finals. If we do so inadvertently, modern radios drop the power ...
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What are these antennas?

On a recent trip to China I photographed a number of "antennas" that I do not recognize. Are they even antennas?
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Setting up an Outdoor Antenna

If I would buy a ham radio with an outdoor antenna, what would I need to do to make it work (e.g can I just stick it outside) especially because I live in Miami and Miami doesn't exactly have the best ...
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Can Yaesu FT-65 be charged from a 12 VDC automotive accessory outlet?

I recently purchased a Yaesu FT-65 handheld radio and quickly discovered it had no 12 VDC power port like other handheld radios I've seen. The charging cradle uses a 12 VDC wall wart for power, and ...
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Do lightning rods attract or do they help prevent lightning?

I'd read that the current theory of how lightning rods protect a house, antenna tower, or other structure is by preventing lightning from striking -- that is, the sharply pointed rod lets charge ...
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Are cold temperatures harmful for ham radio equipment?

I'm getting ready to build an HF / CW kit and just finished setting up a workbench in my garage. While I was wrapping up, I started wondering if the cold temperatures this winter might be harmful to ...
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Recommended way to analyze spectrum output of a high-power amplifier?

I have a small collection of "software defined RF lab" equipment, notably a HackRF and a VNWA3. I am almost done building a 35W HF amplifier and once I've done some other testing, would like to look ...
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3 answers

Protect rig from static charge on antenna

How can I continuously discharge static from my end-fed antenna? My Electraft K2/100's autotuner (schematics) has an SWR bridge using two 1N5711 pin diodes. These diodes get blown if any static ...
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Adequate lightning protection for sloped dipole or G5RV?

Has anyone had experience, or knows from first principles, whether installing a G5RV or dipole BELOW a "lightning-rod" in such a manner would serve as a means of discouraging direct lightning strikes ...
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How to keep a disconnected coaxial connector weatherproof?

The advice I have seen on lightning safety is that if you don't have high-quality lightning protection (and associated grounding) installed on your feed line, it is advisable to, during a storm and ...
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DIY lightning arrestor - gap size?

I have an antenna that's well above the treeline, and I've heard I can add some small amount of protection by placing two bolt heads a short distance from each other, one connected to the antenna, the ...
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Is it safe to mount an active scanning antenna close to an hf antenna?

I live in the centre of a seaside town in the UK. Because of lack of space I have a random wire antenna in the loft of a small house, and pick up a lot of noise on the top band Sunday morning CW ...
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How can I protect equipment against a lightning strike?

A lot of aerials (almost by design) would be rather good attractors of lightning. What steps do I need to take in the field to keep my gear safe against a lightning strike? I'm presuming the obvious ...
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