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How can I key low voltage and still keep a tube VFO running constantly?

I'm interested in building a VFO based single tube CW transmitter. These devices are known to have issues with frequency drift and chirp; frequency drift can apparently be mitigated by ensuring ...
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LA1185 FM downconverter shows weird behavior

I've built FM CCIR/OIRT downconverter based on Sanyo LA1185 IC. I've used most famous schematics for it with slight modification (added DC blocking capacitor 1 nF rated on the output) Coils L1 and L2 ...
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Range of superheterodyne transmitters with low IF

As I understand it, the last mixer stage in a superheterodyne transmitter outputs the desired signal, an image of the signal, and the LO frequency. But a non-tunable RF filter is usually responsable ...
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Simple minimum component RF Amplifier Design

Looking for advice/assistance in Retrofitting sans Cabinet Antique 2 and 3 Dialer 1920's TRF tube radios to operate with low safe Plate voltages.Both Hollow State and Solid State. The plan is to ...
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