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7 answers

Encrypted traffic and amateur radio

Am I allowed to send encrypted traffic via any medium or any frequency, or is this completely barred (and thus everything has to be open with no exceptions?)
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Why do Amateur Radio organizations in the United States oppose the relaxation of encryption prohibitions?

I saw this question stating that it is illegal to encrypt traffic, at least in the US and UK. I also heard that there was recently an attempt to get the FCC to loosen this restriction, but a lot of ...
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How are secret encodings not a violation of amateur radio regulations?

This question asks if proprietary encodings are "in keeping with the nature of" of ham radio. The accepted answer notes, at least in regard to FCC regulations, that if anyone can buy ...
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11 votes
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Are hashes (such as md5) legal in the US

If I were to implement a remote computer control system using amateur radio, would using hashes (such as md5, sha-*, etc...) for authentication be permissible under the United States rules?
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Signing of messages transmitted over ham radio

FCC Regulation 97.113 (a) 4 states that: "messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning" Are "Prohibited transmissions", I believe this is the clause that is used to prohibit ...
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Is compression "encryption" under FCC regs?

I read this question about digital signatures and FCC prohibitions on "obscuring" messages in amateur transmissions, and it cause me to think of something: the difference between encryption and ...
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In Canada, if I want to use DMR encryption on ham radio, how should I share my encryption key?

In Canada, one is permitted to "use a code or cipher that is not secret" on amateur radio. (See: under "...
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UK "Remote Operation" defination

I am a UK licensed Amateur Radio operator with an Intermediate License. I have a question surrounding the UK's (Ofcom's) definition of "Remote Operation". My understanding is that for any Remote ...
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3 answers

Is it legal to practice using a one-time pad?

Imagine two people want to practice the procedure for sending and receiving messages over amateur radio that are encrypted using a one-time pad. Here’s what doing this for real would look like: ...
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Retevis MURS radio and encrypted sub codes

I have some Retevis MURS two-way radios model number RT27V. In the programing software there is an option for DCS encrypt. Now I turned on and off the DCS encrypt option and using my NooElec SDR with ...
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Is it legal to transmit scrambled or encrypted voice via SSB on ham bands?

And also, can anyone tell me how? Using Arduino or any other way ...
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